Simply Photography - School Photos. Simplified.

What makes Simply School Photos different than other photographers?

We’ve all seen the school photos with forced smiles, fake backgrounds, and awkward poses and props – the classic school photo, really. What we want to do at Simply School Photos is totally different. It’s our goal to capture the unique personality of each and every child, bringing out their joy in every photograph. We want the giggles, the sassiness, the shy smiles, and everything in between. We are committed to capturing the candid moments of childhood for you to cherish forever.

Simply School Photos is unique to other photographers for a few reasons. With over 10 years experience in the Vancouver wedding photography industry, our head photographer Clint has honed his skill and experience capturing candid, split-second moments. These are the priceless moments of first glances, a stolen kiss, or unexpected laugh. This is the same style and goal of school photography: to capture each child’s unique personality on camera.

Clint is a family-oriented photographer, with even more appreciation for the beauty of family since starting his own family with the birth of his daughter in April 2020. He knows the important role of photography in capturing priceless family moments. His work is always client-centred, seeking to connect with each person in order to capture their personality on camera. Clint grew up in a large family – 5 siblings and over 40 cousins! – and honed his craft taking photos of the daily excitement of a large family.

Simply School Photos will offer a digital gallery of high-quality photos for you to choose from. Digital gallery is available immediately upon purchase, and we have quick processing and turnaround for print copies.