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Posing Tips

Some kids love the camera. Others will try to hide behind their teacher all day. This comes with the territory as a photographer, and we at Simply School Photos are ready to work with each child on how to get the best picture possible. Once outfits are picked out and hair is in place, taking the actual photo is the only thing left to do!

We’ve talked about it before, but the best photos really are the ones where the child is having fun and is relaxed. For that reason, we won’t be putting them into any stiff, formal poses. We will keep it light and age-appropriate, all about laughter and giggles. At Simply School Photos, we don’t think of it as posing, but instead we want to give directions to help get a great shot. We know that every child is different, so trying to get the same “pose” for everyone just doesn’t work! Children are unique, and so are their photos.

A few ways you can help your child get ready:

How we will direct and guide your child during the session:

Most of us are not used to having our photo taken by a professional, and neither are our children. For that reason, we keep it simple and fun, so they can relax and smile throughout the process. As always, it’s not about getting the perfect photo, but rather getting a perfect memory to carry with you as they grow up.